Pure FU Vaseline grease , inert, unalterable, colorless and odorless. It does not oxidize, does not harden and does not yellow. Lubricates and reduces friction between the mechanical movements. It prevents the corrosion of metals, protects the rubber, makes wood surfaces sliding and watertight.

Lubricates dampers, hinges, locks, tools, fitness equipment and machine tools, tools for agriculture, livestock, canning, dairy industry, etc. Suitable for the protection of the terminals of the batteries because prevents the oxidation of the electrical contacts.


  • Extremely high purity
  • Clear and colorless, does not yellow nor stain
  • Lubricates rubber, plastic, wood and metals
  • Reduces friction and protects metal against oxidation
1117 150Tube 150 ml12 Tubes8056736862643
1117 001 Pot 1 kg 6 Pots 8056736862650

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